How to Deal with Naysayers

how to handle naysayers

This is a continuation of the video series, "What if the naysayer is a family member?" Click to watch what to do [how to deal with naysayers] when faced with someone who just would not support your vision. Got questions? Please post them on my YouTube Channel & Subscribe! Continue Reading

When The Naysayer is Your Family Member

whene the naysayer is your own family

It’s not easy to believe in your capabilities when people close to you constantly shoot your ideas down or laugh at you. Here’s a question: What if the naysayer is your family member? What if someone close to you just won’t support you for a very strange reason and absolutely doesn’t believe that you can […]

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People Will Talk ABout You, Let Them Talk


As I was uploading this image on Instagram, before submitting it, the next step was actually, “NEXT.” That made me laugh because we should go on to the next phase in life instead of opening the door to pity-party organizers. The reality is that at some point in your life, people will talk about you. […]

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Do Not Quit Even If You Fall – A Lesson from Hyvon Ngetich


Marathon runner Hyvon Ngetich was leading in 23 miles but as she was close to the finish line, her body broke down and she fell. She didn’t give up but crawled to that finish line and came 3rd! Media sources say she crawled about 400 meters (1,312 feet) to cross that line!! Powerful, very powerful […]

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“Why I’m Rebooting With Joe!”

reboot with joe

I recently went to the grocery store to buy fruits and veggies for juicing, eating healthier and staying fit. It’s uncanny how good food can be expensive and bad stuff, cheap. You will find 99c soda (soft drink) in many places but nice veggies will cost you but worth every penny! Part of being emancipated to do great […]

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