How To Fulfill Your Destiny

Recently I was on The Harvest Show of LeSea Broadcasting network where I taught on how to fulfill your destiny, why complacency isn't the name of the game and the first thing that needs to happen in your life immediately. In the video, you will hear what I talked about and how it will change your life. The worst thing you can do to yourself is to wallow in self-pity or continue to survive when you can truly thrive! Continue Reading

Metamorphosis and The Renewal of Your Mind

metamorphosis and mind renewal

The word for this season is METAMORPHOSIS. I have been saying it for a while now – a major transformation has to occur in your life – your mind renewed, the way you see things must change. Get into the Word in Romans 12:2 and dissect that Scripture. Something big is coming your way but YOUR MIND MUST BE RENEWED [...]

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The #1 Acronym for Poor That Makes You Jump


Not too long ago, I came across something someone posted on the Internet: an acronym for POOR. POOR – Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly And that caught my attention. Isn’t it true that many people are all talk and no action? I have heard people say things like, “I used to do..I used to…” And I asked, “So what happened?” The [...]

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Why Are You Here on Earth?


Today, let’s talk about David. You know his story already. Sometimes I wonder if David was timid or unsure of his ability to use the catapult (sling and stone), what his destiny would have been. What would Goliath and his crew have done to God’s people? David activated his purpose. He immediately recognized the opportunity to use his talent to [...]

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How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty

how to say no without feeling guilty

Some people have a hard time saying no. They feel guilty when they say no because they think the person will be offended and will most likely hate them for not doing what he or she wants. Okay, so how do you say no without feeling guilty? Here are two things to know so you can say no without the guilt. [...]

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