Don’t Ignore the Depressive Signs Even Though Masked

depression signs

Don't ignore the depressive signs and suicidal actions. In the last week, I have heard of two people who committed suicide, one in London and a preacher in Atlanta. Ofcourse, you heard about the much loved and adorable Robin WIlliams. It broke my heart to hear the tragic news. Suicide is not the solution to a temporary problem. YES, whatever you, your child, relative, friend or colleague is dealing with is TEMPORARY. Troubles appear but won't last forever. Your problem has a Continue Reading

5 Tips to Get Over Disappointment

get over disappoinment

As I was preparing dinner for our kids yesterday, I got a media request email for tips to get over disappointments. So, as the tips immediately┬ácame to my head, I recorded a quick message on SoundCloud via Android. The background is a bit noisy (well, I’m mommy of 3 kids), so excuse me. Before you listen to the 5 tips [...]

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How to Finish Your Manuscript and Self-Publish Your Book

how to self publish your own book

You have an idea. You have a story. You have your manuscript. You want to get it published. But how are you going to do that? I mean publish your own book? Isn’t it expensive? And that’s the question I get all the time from aspiring and well-known authors: how do I publish my own book? It’s a missing part [...]

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Where The Rubber Meets The Road (And What You Must Do)

where the rubber meets the road

We waste too much time pointing fingers, being “religious” and judgmental – throwing stones at others meanwhile people need to be healed, lives need to be saved. People need to be comforted, told that they are not alone, that they can do things, they can achieve greatness, that they are loved. They need you to show them the Way, the [...]

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How Love Overcomes Depression and Saves Souls

helping hands save a soul

People have asked me, ‘Why and how do you do what you do without getting tired or even quitting?” This is the reason: I LOVE PEOPLE and I love to help you get to where you should be. If you are sick, you must be healed. If you are broke, you must use what is in you to get wealth. [...]

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