When Family and Friends Don’t Support You


Image: melking/bigstockphoto.com Don't expect all family and friends to support your business venture, cause or ministry. Infact, you may just be in this 'thing' all by yourself. It's the truth and it can taste bitter. You will encounter naysayers and people who mock you. You will experience situations where you feel alone for daring to be you. You will discover the enemy's camp even inside your own home. Sometimes you will feel like if they believed in you, then Continue Reading

Enjoy Your Life and Be Happy


Sometime ago I watched a short video by Ric Elias, CEO of Red Ventures on TED. Along with others, he survived the plane that splash landed on the icy Hudson River in 2009. After watching and listening to Ric’s speech, I couldn’t resist but ask these questions: Is negativity, quarrel or other rubbish really necessary in […]

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I Cannot Wait Anymore, I Am Tired of Waiting and I Quit!


The blog title caught your eye, right? It’s an excerpt from my book, YOU CAN BE SET FREE. It’s actually a book chapter on common excuses we make for not moving forward. In this blog post, you will discover the reason why you should not quit.  As humans, we want things to happen right now […]

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When You Should Use the Facebook Block or Unfriend Button

your facebook page is your store front

When you create a Facebook page for your business or ministry, don’t tolerate nonsense. Look at it as your storefront. Will you allow any rudeness in your store? Will you allow anyone to just walk into your store and insult you or even your customers? If you are using it for ministry, look at it […]

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Things Will Get Better


No matter how bad or painful it gets, LIVE! Things will get better. Your current status will improve. Situations arise when we ponder: Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do the good ones have to suffer or die? Why are the wicked prospering? Why is God silent? Why is this child sick? […]

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