How to Manage Your Time as a Mom So You Can Still Be You

how to manage your time as mom

If you are a mom or mompreneur who is struggling with time management and frustrated that you don't have enough time to "be you" or even take your business or life to the next level, this is for you. You are not alone in the struggle. Many are currently walking the same road you are on. Some have successfully figured out how to manage their time. Others are still trying to figure things out, and some just don't know what to do. If you fall into any of the categories, let's talk. Continue Reading

Four Business Elevation Lessons From 2 Kings 4 [The Widow’s Oil]

2 kings 4 Elisha and widow oil

The Bible is a great source for business strategies. I have often seen that many people utilize the principles but do not necessarily quote them as taken from the Bible. In my study of 2 Kings 4, I realized four business elevation lessons that will help you win. This is the story about the widow […]

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Why I Decided to Start Broadcasting Live on Periscope


Okay, here we go! I just had my very first Periscope broadcast today and I must say it was a tad weird. I usually do Facebook videos [at least you can edit them before posting] but with Periscope, it’s LIVE. It was weird but fun. The weird part was trying to figure out if the […]

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Elevate from Hobby to Profitable Business


Join me for four weeks to reach your goals, walk in your purpose and launch your project or business. In this program, you will be empowered to start, launch and become equipped with the right tools to operate a thriving business. How it works: This is a group private periscope coaching program for one hour once a week. There will […]

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Leave Mr. Steve Harvey Alone!


I rarely comment or discuss about stuff like this but after watching the mistake that took place at the crowning of Miss Universe and the reaction trending on social media, I had to say something. I am saying this on my platform from a spiritual and human standpoint. Leave Mr. Steve Harvey Alone. I do […]

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