7 Reasons to Have a Metamorphic Chat with Belinda


I have been teaching and equipping extraordinary people like you to get to the next level for many years. Sometimes life takes you on detours and places you in destinations you didn't anticipate but I'm here to empower you to rise up, activate your purpose and launch your destiny. You can be more. You can win. You can be free in every area of your life and be happy. You have the right to live an abundant life and prosper in all areas including business. Are you Continue Reading

Yes, Your Problem Has An Expiration Date


The truth about trouble is that trouble does not last always. The story of the deliverance of God’s people from their protracted captivity in Egypt in Numbers 20:15-16 is an epic which symbolizes God’s power to set His people free no matter how long they have been in bondage. They lived so long in Egypt and […]

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Why You Need Daring Faith to Succeed


Daring faith‬ is the kind of faith that says, “I don’t know how I’m going to do it but I am stepping anyway. I’m going for it AND I trust God to help me finish strong with victory.” Do you have daring faith? Which ONE thing do you need to do that you have been […]

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How Google’s “Mobilegeddon” Could Hurt Your Business Traffic


Have you heard of the new changes taking effect today by Google that can heavily impact your website’s ranking and visibility on Google? It has been termed mobilegeddon by various folks. Okay, this is what it’s about – if your website is not responsive [mobile friendly, easy to view without enlarging and scrolling annoyingly from […]

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How to Achieve Godly Success


One thing that has prevented many people from receiving godly success is “vain glory” – a desire to promote and honor yourself, your reputation, talents, intellectual attainments, to win human praise.. Here are some examples – 1. You want to take the lead because you “usually lead” even though God has not called you to […]

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