7 Reasons to Have a Metamorphic Chat with Belinda


I have been teaching and equipping extraordinary people like you to get to the next level for many years. Sometimes life takes you on detours and places you in destinations you didn't anticipate but I'm here to empower you to rise up, activate your purpose and launch your destiny. You can be more. You can win. You can be free in every area of your life and be happy. You have the right to live an abundant life and prosper in all areas including business. Are you ready? Okay, you have Continue Reading

How My Scar Helps Me


Each day I see the surgical scar on my neck, I thank God for how He delivered me from a thyroid nodule that was lurking in my body that I absolutely didn’t know was there! It was a miraculous discovery by my Ob/Gyn. I had just delivered my second daughter and went for a routine […]

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3 Life Lessons in My Faith Walk to Know

life lesson in faith walk

People often comment on my faith: “You’re so strong and have such strong faith.” However, this has not always been the case. My faith or strength wasn’t something I was born with. It actually took me quite a while to get to the place I am now and even so, I struggle. It is and […]

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Promote Greatness and Greatness Will Find You


I have seen that when you promote greatness, greatness will find you. If your heart is pure [without jealousy or envy but real support], you see the hand of God in people’s lives, you better speak it! It comes back to you. I am reminded of the Scripture Luke 6:38 GW that is sometimes quoted during offering […]

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Yes, Your Problem Has An Expiration Date


The truth about trouble is that trouble does not last always. The story of the deliverance of God’s people from their protracted captivity in Egypt in Numbers 20:15-16 is an epic which symbolizes God’s power to set His people free no matter how long they have been in bondage. They lived so long in Egypt and […]

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