7 Reasons to Have a Metamorphic Chat with Belinda Enoma


I have been teaching and equipping extraordinary people like you to get to the next level for many years. Sometimes life takes you on detours and places you in destinations you didn't anticipate but I'm here to empower you to rise up, activate your purpose and launch your destiny. You can be more. You can win. You can be free in every area of your life and be happy. You have the right to live an abundant life and prosper in all areas including business. Are you Continue Reading

When Out of Sight is Out of Mind in Social Media


When you activate your purpose, you can’t hide. Part of walking in full authority and doing what you were created for is to let your light shine. Three Reasons Why People Deliberately Dim Their Light You don’t want some folks to be offended because you are shining brightly. You don’t want people to know who […]

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Why You Must Add Digital Strategy to Your Business


This is the Internet age, so there really isn’t any excuse why you cannot add digital strategy to your business or project. The benefits are huge. Watch this video and read the few words I posted on Instagram. There’s indeed enough room for us to prosper in cyber land. Everyone can get their own piece […]

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The Best Way to Get to Your Next Level in Life

how to get to your next level

The best way to get to your next level is no secret. You know the place — where you know you should be]. Infact, this strategy I share is actually in front of you and has been in existence for a while now. If you are unemployed, employed or even own a business BUT you just […]

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Why Being Single Is Not a Curse

to be single is not a curse

Society places label on people and will make them feel incomplete because of status. If you are single, it’s important for you to know that being single is not a curse. I talked about this in my Youtube videos. I shared this message in detail at a Women’s Empowerment breakfast meeting here in New York sometime […]

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