Season 2 of DESTINY CHATS Tuesdays at 2pm EST


Join me and my guests for Season 2 of DESTINY CHATS. This is the talk show that takes you to the finish line in your business, ministry or non-profit organization. On Destiny Chats, listeners victoriously implement their purpose and push to fulfill their destinies. Click here for more info. Continue Reading

The Blended Family: How to Make It Work

Recently on Destiny Chats, I interviewed Edward and Debbie Smith of Meet The Smiths, marital counselors and relationship educators. Many issues arise in blended families including questions like, who disciplines the kids, what should your kids call the non-biological spouse, cultural issues, teenage dating and more. Click here to listen.

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How This Old School Collaboration Method Grows Businesses and Saves Money

trade by barter collaboration

This Old School Trade Method Still Works In my economics class in high school, I remember learning about trade by barter. This is a form of collaboration that is often overlooked. The feeling of inadequacy has robbed many folks of receiving “collaborative blessings.” For example, Ms. A has what you need to get to your next […]

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The Power of Collaboration


Collaboration is Powerful Last year I discovered that as I began to teach more about fulfilling destinies, it led to an increased desire to see people of like-minds collaborate for the greater good. The power of collaboration should not be under valued. A strange thing I have seen in this journey is that some people are […]

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The Best Life Coach Ever

the best life coach

There are many coaches but mine is the best life coach ever. I love him because he really helps me make the right decisions. He shows me strategies that elevate and warns me about methods that do not work. There were times when I thought he was wrong but because he is an expert, I had no […]

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