Hi, I’m Belinda Enoma.

Stick with me and I will teach you how to release your sparkle, walk qualified and implement your brilliance for maximum impact.

You will learn how to turn your professional pain to gain, start to use what you know (even when you are not ready) to impact your generation and beyond, and launch that long-awaited project. 

If you are trying to figure out your next move, guess what? I have been where you are!

A lot of my coaching clients are women in Tech, Cyber, Audit industry and I show them strategies to leverage their personal brands to elevate their careers.

One question I often ask is “If your job should end today, will you be fine financially, emotionally, spiritually?” 

Nobody is invincible and anything can happen.

I know what it feels like to be laid off for economic reasons without warning (and it’s no fun in any way especially when you have a lot of responsibilities - I am a mom of three, wife and I wear many hats daily). 

I know what it feels like to dim your light to fit in. I could write a whole book about shining one's light (although I have written inspirational books, blog posts, given multiple keynotes, etc). Nonetheless, I speak about "light" often on stages and wherever I go.

I know what it feels like to know that you are made for more besides your 9-5, yet you are not sure of where to begin or the strategy to implement.

I know how it feels to have multiple gifts and talents, several unique skills but it seems like you should just choose only one because folks don’t seem to understand you. Besides, you don’t want society to think that you are not serious or you don’t know what you are doing. 

In 2012, I launched istartandfinish.com because I was tired of explaining the multi passionate and dynamic me. I desired an authentic space to incorporate everything that described me, so I built it. 

But what happened that propelled me to launch out into the deep, against all odds?

Here’s the gist - Transitioning from studying law to tech did not make sense to some folks. However, to me, it was a strategy I needed to implement to get to where I wanted to be. With determination to learn, focus and activate what mattered to me, that shift to information technology was my career elevation catalyst.

Besides, I already had enough of people’s [well-meaning; albeit nosey] questions and my repeated explanations. 

"Oh, but you have your LLM, why are you consulting in IT?”

“Which profession are you in now, law or IT?"

"Why are you switching from one profession to the other?”

One bold move can lead to several destiny encounters, business deals, faith awakenings, profits, new territories that are necessary for the fulfillment of destiny.

Building my personal brand has helped elevate my career and boldly merge my law background with tech. My IT consulting expertise is a combination of analytics, software testing, front end development for multinational corporations in several European cities e.g. Amsterdam, Zurich, Copenhagen.

Fast forward many years, I am a global privacy and cybersecurity consultant in New York assessing privacy risks of tech solutions (including SaaS) at the multinational level. 

Through my personal brand, I have secured several speaking gigs, consulting contracts, coaching, built exposure for entrepreneurship and more. 

Things don't have to be perfect for you to start.

I used what was in my hand to implement my purpose (even when I was not ready and circumstances were not favorable). I refused to allow life situations to frustrate my goals.

If I can do it, you can do it and that’s why I am passionate about helping women value their brilliance, leverage what they know to grow their careers, live intentionally and make impact.

"Belinda’s style and execution of coaching allowed me to put into immediate practice some concepts shared. The assignments and follow-up via each session kept me accountable. I realized that I was not intentional in my approach.

Belinda’s coaching approach and style is very necessary and anyone who is afforded this opportunity should not take it lightly. It was focused and supportive.

Belinda is genuine, knowledgeable, and intentional about her gift and very open to sharing. The structure/topics to be covered for each session were shared from the very beginning and were quite relevant to me. Belinda is dynamic and has a cheerful and positive attitude. I was very fortunate to have been afforded this opportunity and continue to complete all the activities discussed."

- Julia Maria Daniel (Internal Audit Manager)


Make that move today.

If you do not operate in your full capacity, you will wake up one day and regret your life.

I realized that if I wanted change, then I needed to do something about it. Freedom was within me and I needed to release myself to walk in it. 

My lifestyle career grew from writing devotionals, blog posts which provided solutions, giving speeches that propelled people to take action and become change agents, folks reaching out to me about the best strategy for their next level or projects or they listened to one of my podcast episodes or heard me preach the Word at church. 

Let’s activate and implement! I help women value their brilliance by shifting from being invisible to being recognized.

You cannot remain the way you are. You were created to be dynamic and be fruitful. I refused to remain stagnant and be part of the status quo. I coach, mentor, write, give keynotes, host global conferences, podcast, and lead an international ministry

Want to bring Belinda to empower and train your team to walk qualified and aim for higher? 

"I have been speaking for 20 years and hosting conferences for 15+ years. I have spoken on stages and impacted audiences in several cities including London, Milan, Abuja, Atlanta, Dallas, Annapolis.

I am excited to teach your group how to activate and implement strategies that will elevate their lives and careers."


"Belinda's energy and positivity is infectious. She helped me to change my mindset and strive for success. Her coaching helped me see the reason I was struggling.

The coaching helped me create a strategy on how to prepare myself for the job market and utilize LinkedIn in a way to build a network, present my qualifications and try to build an online presence...

Belinda's coaching was valuable because she not only took her time to get to know me but also gave me feedback about Cybersecurity, the challenges women face in this field and how to overcome them."

- Shukria Jalalzada (Cybersecurity Professional)